Air Design ford F-150 Bridge




Air Design Ford F-150 Off Road Bridge

The Ford F150 has become a very popular model to transform into off-road vehicles, but can also be transformed into a really tough and sporty looking vehicle. The choice is up to the owner but however you see it, it’s an extremely powerful truck.

Air Design Ford F-150 Bridge

With the modified suspension being extremely low, achieve true communication between the road and its power easily. The flat-arm wheels that were installed only compare to a the wheels of a powerful locomotive that travels without fatigue.

Air Design Ford F-150 Front

Personally, the best thing about this visual kit for the F150 made by Air Design is the hood scoop combined with the prominent grille that feeds this powerful truck. The front bumper guard completes the frontal appearance, making it seem much more robust.

Air Design Ford F-150 Bridge Front Side

"Looking at this truck only makes me want to drive it more and take it long trips to see what it’s really about"

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